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About Newcomers Employment and Education Development Services (N.E.E.D.S.) Inc.

  • N.E.E.D.S. Inc. is a non-profit, charitable organization that provides accessible services and supports to immigrant and refugee children, youth and their families. N.E.E.D.S Inc. which was established in 1999 by immigrant and refugee women for newcomers to Canada. These women developed programming based on their own personal experiences, needs assessment, and realistic expectations.
  • Our goal is to enhance the integration of newcomers into Canadian society by providing employment, mentorship, education and social recreational programs as a means to assisting in the development of life skills, confidence, and positive social support networks. All of our services are supported by psychosocial educators to ensure the success of our participants.

Products & Services

N.E.E.D.S. Inc. provides the following supports to newcomer children and youth:

  • Introduction to Canadian Education Program
    • Focus: Introduction to Canadian Education (Intro) Program provides FREE educational, school preparedness and orientation programming for newly arrived government-assisted and privately sponsored refugee children and youth, 6 to 21 years old. The Introduction to Canadian Education (Intro) Program has several components, each designed to help refugee youth transition into the Canadian school system and integrate successfully into the greater Winnipeg community.
      • Education & Employment
      • Health & Nutrition
      • Safety & Law
      • Places & Community
      • School preparedness (learning about a ‘Canadian classroom’, expectations of teachers, etc.)
      • Orientation to Winnipeg (community services & resources, safety issues, etc.)
      • English Language skills development (opportunities for skills development, EAL activities, etc.)
      • Recreational activities (team building activities, low organized games, gym time, etc.)
      • Computer skills (structured computer classes, introduction to technology skills, etc.)
      • Addressing common settlement issues (culture shock, making new friends, decision making, etc.)
      • Pro-social skills and integration (decision making, anger management, etc.)
      • Relevant and timely referrals for participants to community resources
  • SWIS (Settlement Workers In School)
    • FOCUS: Provides enhanced services and supports for school age newcomer children, youth and families for the first 12-18 months of arriving in Winnipeg as a way of increasing integration into their new school and community.

      SWIS staff work in partnership with school staff and service providers to deliver additional support to recently arrived newcomer children and youth. SWIS staff are also responsible for ensuring that individuals are connected to existing resources to increase the overall wellbeing of each family.
    • SWIS Components Include:
      • Orientation Workshops for Newcomers (OWN) to help students gain a better understanding of their school environment and foster self-reliance, confidence building, identity, belonging and integration into the school culture
      • One-on-One and Group Orientation Activities that focus on: education & employment, safety & law, health & nutrition, community & places, pro-social skill development and mentorship
      • Pro-social skill development and wellness programming for participants alongside base services
      • Completion of Needs & Assets & Assessment & Referrals (NAARS) followed by a Settlement Plan with children, youth and their families for the purpose of identifying settlement needs and completing appropriate referrals to existing resources, programs and services
      • Enhanced NAARS and Settlement Plans for individual newcomer and refugee children and youth identified as having more complex needs who may require additional support to integrate into the school system or transition to alternative pathways after exiting the school system
      • After school homework support to help newcomer and refugee children and youth
      • Relevant and timely referrals for participants to community resources
      • SWIS staff work out of schools in the following divisions: Winnipeg School Division, Louis Riel School Division. Pembina Trails School Division and St. James-Assiniboia School Division.


  • Enhanced Wellness Program
    • FOCUS: To provide additional enhanced supports to refugee and newcomer children, youth (6-29) and their families to increase mental health and overall wellbeing through evidence-based interventions.
    • Enhanced Wellness Components Include:
      • Delivery of a trauma informed and culturally appropriate curriculum in group-based sessions that teach children and youth about identifying big emotions, learning about the brain and survival responses (flight, fight, freeze) as well as self-regulation and coping strategies
      • 1-on-1 supports for children and youth to meet the need of challenges they are currently dealing with such as conflicts, school, or work-related stressors, recognizing and responding to big emotions within themselves and coping strategies.
      •  Increase refugee and newcomer children and youth school connectedness through homework supports
      • FREE Circle of Security Parenting groups to parents and caregivers with interpretation available
      •  FREE Circle of Security Parenting groups to parents and caregivers delivered in the following first language:
      1. Arabic
      2. Amharic
      3. French
      4. German
      5. Mandarin
      6. Russian
      7. Somali
      8. Swahili
      9. Tigrinya
      •   Training for service providers and education professionals to meet the needs of refugee and newcomer children and youth in Making Sense of Trauma through webinars

      Due to COVID-19 our services and activities will be modified to maintain the safety of clients and staff. Please contact us directly if you have questions about our services during COVID-19.
    • FOCUS: To help newcomer and refugee youth (ages 16 to 29) develop the employability skills required to enter and successfully participate in the Canadian labour market.
    • Employment Services Components Include:
      • Work Experience Opportunities & On-the-Job Support
        • Youth are matched with partnering employers to provide meaningful and hands-on work placements. In addition, clients receive on the job mentorship and support to increase their chances of success in participating in the Canadian Labour Market.
      • Individual Career Coaching & Employment Support
        • Offers one-on-one employment support in the form of resume and cover letter writing, interview preparation and job searching assistance.
      • Employment Readiness Training
        • Designed to prepare newcomer youth for the Canadian workplace. Workshops are interactive and hands-on to help youth be engaged in the learning process and build interpersonal skills, communication skills and confidence.
      • English for Employment Purposes Training
        • Provides opportunities for youth to build their English language skills specific to the Canadian workplace through sector specific language training with partnering employers.
      • Individual or group psychosocial support is provided by social workers on an ongoing, as needed basis to help youth be successful in employment activities.

    • FOCUS: To provide newcomer children and youth with additional support during their participation in N.E.E.D.S. Inc. services to enhance their success and ensure a smoother transition during their settlement and integration into Canadian society.
    • Psychosocial Service Components Include:
      • Establishing rapport and building relationships with clients
      • Helping clients learn the reasons for their behaviours and assist clients in learning new behaviours when appropriate
      • Assisting youth in recognizing their abilities, capacities, interests, goals and personality to reach their fullest potential
      • Assisting youth in exploring their feelings and emotions and exploring healthy coping strategies
      • Helping youth find ways to grow personally and socially
      • Providing opportunities for comfort and hope
      • Psychosocial support services are provided in either group setting or individual one-on-one sessions, depending on the need
      • Connecting children, youth and families to additional resources in the community
      • Providing Circle of Security Groups to parents in first language
      • Providing consultations and training to the greater Winnipeg community on the challenges and unique needs of newcomer youth

To Register:

Parents or youth may contact Service Delivery Manager directly or call General Inquiry at (204) 940-1260.

When registering, please bring:

  • Manitoba Health Card
  • Immigration Documents (Landing Paper/Permanent Resident Card)
  • Social Insurance Card (required for Employment Skills Program only)

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